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Real-World KPI Examples for Success

In the previous blog we went through what KPI stands for, its definition, key elements and frequently asked questions. As a follow-up here are some concrete and real-world examples of how IT professionals can apply the key elements of KPI in practice:

Measurable Objective Examples

Increase website trafficNext quarter20% increase in unique visitors
Improve customer support response timeNext month50% reduction in average response time
Increase server uptimeNext six months99.9% uptime

Data Sources and Collection Examples

KPIData SourcesData Collection Methods
Website trafficGoogle Analytics, HotjarTracking code, analytics software
Customer support response timeCustomer support ticket softwareAutomated ticket tracking and response time measurement
Server uptimeNagios, DatadogServer monitoring software, automated notifications

Performance Targets Examples

KPITargetSuccess ThresholdFailure Threshold
Website traffic10,000 unique visitors per month8,000 unique visitors per monthLess than 6,000 unique visitors per month
Customer support response timeLess than 24 hours average response timeLess than 12 hours average response timeMore than 48 hours average response time
Server uptime99.9% uptime99.8% uptimeLess than 99.5% uptime

Reporting and Communication Examples

Reporting FormatReporting IntervalCommunication
Dashboard with line chart showing website trafficMonthlyShare with stakeholders and encourage action based on the data
Automated email report showing customer support response timeWeeklyShare with customer support team and encourage action to improve response time
Alert notifications for server downtimeReal-timeSend alerts to IT team for immediate response and follow-up communication with stakeholders

By using tables to explain KPI examples, IT professionals can easily visualize the different aspects of KPI metrics and implementation, including measurable objectives, data sources and collection, performance targets, and reporting and communication.

In a future blog I’ll go into details and steps of how to exactly measure these KPIs.

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