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Is Windows Terminal a Shell?

TLDR: Windows Terminal is a tool that manages different command-line interfaces, compatible with Windows 10/11 and several shells like PowerShell, Command Prompt, and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. It has many benefits, including customizable themes, multiple tabs, and integration with other tools and applications, making it a great option for… Read More »Is Windows Terminal a Shell?

Unlock the Powers of Vagrant Inline Shell Scripts

Vagrant is a powerful tool that allows developers to create and manage virtual development environments. One of the most useful features of Vagrant is the ability to run inline shell scripts during the provisioning process. These scripts can be used to automate various tasks such as installing software, configuring settings,… Read More »Unlock the Powers of Vagrant Inline Shell Scripts

WSL: What It Can’t Do

Running GUI applications: One of the main limitations of WSL is that it is not capable of running graphical user interface (GUI) applications. This means that you cannot run programs such as a web browser, a text editor with a graphical interface, or any other type of application that requires… Read More »WSL: What It Can’t Do

Puppetizing Your Ubuntu Node

Before we get started, let’s first understand what puppet agent and puppet master are. Puppet agent is a software that runs on a node (server or client) and communicates with the puppet master to receive configuration instructions. The puppet master is a server that stores and manages the configuration instructions… Read More »Puppetizing Your Ubuntu Node